MP150 – Multi Profile Machine

System Specification
System Name MP150 – Multi Profile Machine -70mm to 150mm
Products Wall Panels / Roof Trusses / Floor Joists
Walls Any Wall size between 70 mm &  150mm.
Floors Webbed Joist & Cee Purlin Flooring Systems – Any size between 70mm & 150mm
Trusses P-Cord truss system (Standard) – Any size between 70mm & 150mm

Cee Cord Trusses (Back to Back) – Any size between 70mm & 150mm

Profile Section Any Cee or “U” section between 70-150 mm
Punching Units Multi Punch Operation for faster production – All parts punched, cut, labelled, ready for assembly
Dimples Separate Stud & Plate Dimples for better connections.
Service Holes For clean water installations and electrical wiring 32 mm hole (other sizes are available on demand)
Web Notch Removes the web section of the profile so that studs can pass through for Horizontal Bracing.
Lip Notch Remove the lip of the C plates so that studs  can be connected
Chamfer Removes the corners of the studs so that it can be used as bracing in walls and webs of roof trusses
Anchor Hole 13 mm hole is used for anchoring connections as well as general connections
Cut-off Pre-cut system to increase the production speed.
Printer Inkjet to provide “smart parts”
Material Grade G350-G550 max.
Material Type galvanize Steel coils
Material Gauge 0.6 mm – 1.60 mm
Number of Machines 1
Production rate (m/hr)
Wall Panels 250-900 m/hr (depending on the design)
Roof Trusses 250-500 m/hr (depending on the design)
Floors 600-1200 m/hr (depending on the design)
Products C & U Profiles
Usage Residential dwellings or commercial buildings, dormitories, workers accommodation, hospital, university buildings